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This website would not be the amazing resource that it is without the efforts of many contributors, and it will not remain vibrant and up-to-date without frequent additions, deletions and revisions.  So..... if you know something about Oregon birding that we don't know, please email us.  We thank you all.

Anderson, DavidHoffman, WayneSkirvin, Aaron
Archer, BobHood, LindaSmith, David
Ashey, CindyHughes, DeniseSmith, Linda
Baccus, DonHurt, JackSnetsinger, Thomas
Bailey, DavidIrons, DaveSpencer, Kevin
Bayer, RangeJanzen, TimStafford, Randy
Berrin, LarryJohnston, PamSmith, Linda
Bogar, MikeJohnston, StuartStrycker, Noah
Bowers, Wayne & PattyKarlen, CarolSullivan, Paul
Bratcher, KyleKemper, JohnSutherland, Don
Bray, TrentKetchum, RonSwisher, Otis
Britton, JoAnneKosciuch, KarlTalbott-Nelson, Cindy
Brummitt, ClintLaFaive, MargaretTice, Bill
Cain, LeeLauten, DaveTomlinson, Iain
Carpenter, ScottLindeman, GlenTrochlell, David
Cavaness, DianeLove, TomTurner, Jack
Combs, BarbaraLusthoff, DonnaVan Dyk, Marilyn
Contreras, AlanMachamer, DavidVan Moorhem, Julie
Cooper, RomainMaertz, Ron & PollyVroman, Dennis
Corder, CraigMandell, DavidWhelchel, Cheryl
Cottrell, KarenMassey, BarbaraWhitten, June
Crabtree, TomMarvin, MarciaWinters, Tom
Cutler, MarciaMcVicker, EdWithgott, Jay
Denny, Mike & MerrylynnMenke, Dave 
Dougill, SteveMickel, Tom 
Dowlan, SteveMiller, Craig 
Faxon, DarrelMunson, Don 
Fink, LindaNamitz, Russ 
Fitchen, JohnNehls, Harry 
Fix, DavidNelson, Tom 
Fleischer, JeffNice, Quinton 
Frank, AndyNikas, Mark 
Fredd, LouNorgren, Lars 
Fuller, HarryNotis, John 
Gatchet, JohnNowak, Cathy 
Gates, ChuckOwen, Kimdel 
Geier, JoelPatterson, Mike 
Gerig, RoyPusch, Liz 
Gilligan, JeffRakestraw, John 
Gillson, GregRems, Lou 
Goodhew, LarryRobberson, Doug 
Hamm, MarkRudolph, Rudi 
Hammond, LarrySamowitz, Ilene 
Harding, JeffSasko, Johnny 
Harleman, JimSchlick, Stefan 
Hausafus, EdSchneider, Matthew 
Hehls, HarrySchrock, Floyd 
Herlyn, HendrikShunk, Steve 
Hewitt, DavidSimmons, Jamie 
Heyerly, DanSimper, Michelle 

The East Cascades Audubon Society designed and manages this web site with help from the Oregon Birders.

Kim Owen from Redmond, OR provided the photo used in the header of the web site. 

We use an Open Source Content Management System, DotNetNuke.

We used a free on-line tool to create the image map on the home page ... details

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor was used to work directly with HTML

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Birding locations have been transfered from this site to update the BirdNotes database.  This allows for anyone with an account to edit the information and keep the information current.  A big thank you to Joel Geier for the many hours of database time.  John Notis suggested the efficient way to link directly to the BirdNotes frame and created the KML files.

Chuck Gates deserves recognition for being the driving force behind this project and collecting most of the initial birding locations. 


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